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West Coast's Biggest Scenario Paintball Game!

Two Days with over 1000 Players!

September 20th-21st, 2014

The largest paintball mega event is back, bigger, and better than ever before with DECAY of NATIONS 8. “The Reckoning” at the World Famous SC Village in Chino, CA on September 20 and 21. The event will span over the entire facility of 100 acres of paintball excitement all weekend long. The event boasts a multitude of special side events, a Vendor Village with all your favorite vendors and manufacturers, incredible prize packages, overnight parking and camping and our spectacular 24 hour scenario game! So join us at SC Village and celebrating 30 years of paintball by playing in Decay of Nations 8, “The Reckoning”


“Latest tests show the Humans of Earth to be less than two generations away from quantum travel and their technology is well below standard. However, due to events that will possibly lead to the destruction of this planet, Captain Xur has initiated contact with one of the warring factions, calling themselves the ‘UNA.’ We are on our way to rendez … wait … sensors are picking up projectiles on a collision course with us and evasive maneuvers are ineffective! SOUND ALARM!!! BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!”

Watcher Xan’s control panel exploded in a brilliant shower of violet energy, throwing him against the iridescent wall of his spaceship and knocking him unconscious. Watcher Captain Xur stared at the viewscreen in front of him: Obscured by the bodies of his fallen crewmen and the smoke billowing from sparking consoles, he could barely make out the outlines of Earth mountains rushing towards them as they spiraled downward toward oblivion.



From time immemorial, the Watchers have been on Earth, observing the ways of the Humans and waiting for the day when Humanity finally advanced enough to join the Galactic Council of Planets…

Unfortunately, for almost as long, the forces of the Ekron Corporation (EKRON) and the United Nations of the Americas (UNA) have waged bloody war. Initially, Ekron ran the world using fossil fuels and UNA fought to preserve the natural resources of Earth. Over time, the pendulum of battle has swung evenly between the two titans, with epic wins and fails on both sides. In order to save itself and its profit margin, the EKRON corporation reorganized into the One World Bank, only to have their coffers cut by the non-profit Environmental Defense Militia (EDM).

A long time has passed, wars have raged and the health of the earth is in a delicate balance. Due to hostile takeovers and constant infighting, the One World Bank/Force reorganized into the Executive for Kounter-Intelligence, Racketeering and Oppression Network (EKRON) with the continuing purpose of world domination by control over the earth’s networks and dwindling resources. Although the EDM has been successful in their battles against the OWF, the EDM still struggles against the might of EKRON.

Dedicated to stopping EKRON, and preserving the Earth’s natural resources by further developing renewable energy technologies, the United National Alliance (UNA) was formed from the remnants of scatter EDM forces and their allies. With the recent defection of one of EKRON’s top Generals to the UNA, the UNA has decided to make an aggressive push against EKRON.

With EKRON’S extensive global spy satellite network, their intelligence division uncovered a clandestine meeting between UNA leadership and the Watchers and have decided to intervene. Wanting the alien technology for themselves and to destroy the UNA, EKRON launched an attack on the unsuspecting alien transport that was on it’s way to meet the UNA leadership..

As the ship broke up upon reentry, the surrounding countryside is peppered with craters full of advanced alien technology, light-years ahead of anything currently on Earth. The future of the Earth lies in the hands of the side that controls that technology and the Alien force that created it.

Will UNA rescue the Watcher’s and use the Watcher Tech to return the Earth once again to its natural state, or will it give EKRON the advantage it needs to gain control of the Earth once more?

Join SC Village’s 30th Anniversary on September 19-21, 2014 at their BIGGEST Scenario game yet and find out for yourself!

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Packages & Pricing

Limited Time Packages

For a limited time, we are offering discount packages to make your Decay of Nations experience easier and more enjoyable. These packages end August 31st, so get yours today!

Individual Pricing

Before Aug 28th Before Sep 15th Sep 15th to Day Of
Single Day Entry $55 $60 $60
Weekend Entry $70 $75 $85
Membership Entry $48 $48 $48
Single Day Air $10 $10 $10
Weekend Air $15 $15 $15
Case of Paint -REC- $35 $35 $35
Case of Paint -MID- $45 $45 $45
Case of Paint -EVIL- $55 $55 $55
Case of Paint -GI4- * $59 $59 $59
Case of Paint -GI5- * $65 $65 $65
Campsite Parking $10 $10 $10
RV Parking $20 $20 $20

Team Roster

Rules & Waiver

Rules of Scenario Play

Important rule to remember: Scenario games are not competitions. They are plays in which we are all cast members. Have fun with the concept, play hard, play to win, play fair, and most of all, enjoy yourself. These rules will help you play and enjoy the game. These rules are not written to be a legal document, rather they are guidelines which we use during scenario play. If something is not covered in these rules, assume you cannot do it. If you have a question about a rule, or something you want to do is not explicitly covered in these rules ask the game producer first. Please familiarize yourself with them and most of all, have fun!

General Information:

REGISTRATION: Pre­registration can be done online at or by visiting one of Giant's many parks in Southern California. If you cannot pre­register, simply bring your field fee to the event and we will accommodate you. All players are required to sign a special event field waiver saying they have read and understood all the rules and regulations for the field and the event. Players over 10 years of age, but under 18, will need a parent to sign that players waiver.

CAMPING: Overnight camping is available at a first come first serve bases. RV sites must be reserved and paid for in advance. Please observe all safety regulations concerning BBQ grills (propane grills are only allowed, no charcoal grills). Campfires are not allowed at any time!



  PAINT: This event is EVENT PAINT ONLY!!! Paint for this event will be determined by the event producer(s) and will be announced.

Player ID Cards: Player ID cards must be mounted on the goggle strap near the left ear for quick identification, while on the paintball field.


GOGGLES: Must be worn at all times when you are on the playing field, at the chrono station or at the firing range. ASTM approved full face and ear protection is MANDATORY!!! If you have to remove your goggles due to the lens fogging or removing paint splatter, please find the nearest referee to assist you.

MARKERS: Keep barrel blocking devices (barrel socks or approved plugs) on the barrel at all times except when in play or at the chrono station. No tools of any kind are allowed on the field.

CHRONOGRAPHS AND MARKER SPEEDS: All markers need to chronograph at or under 280 FPS for day play and at or under 240 FPS for night play. It is in the best interest of all players to ensure that their markers are at or below the set FPS for their marker, especially for those players using CO2.

NOTE: Players will be randomly spot checked by refs with handheld chronographs. If players are shown to be shooting between 281 and 320, their player card will be punched and will be sent to have their marker re­chronoed. After three infractions, that player’s ID card and wristband are taken and they are done for the rest of the event with NO REFUND! Any player caught with their marker shooting over 320 FPS will have their player ID card and wristband are taken away immediately and removed from the event with NO REFUND! This is a zero­tolerance policy geared for the safety of the participants and staff. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!

All rocket launchers need to chronograph under 240 FPS.

Read the rest of the rules by here!

Park/Event Waiver

You must have a waiver signed and submitted to the park before or on the day of the event you are participating in.


Camping & Lodging

Camping Rules

  • No Charcoal Barbeques (propane only)
  • Guest may only take up one camping space, if additional room is needed please purchase an additional camping spot (one vehicle per camping space)
  • No cars parked in camping area; if you are going to be using you car or truck as a tent the vertical must be parked until the event is concluded and it has been deemed safe to move vehicles.
  • Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM until 6:30 AM
  • The use of illegal drugs is prohibited on SC Villages property (this includes medical marijuana)
  • Alcohol must be in a unmarked container (cans or bottles are prohibited); anyone found supplying alcohol to underage participants will be ejected from the event with out a refund.

SC Village is not liable for any lost or stolen property for the duration of the event. Parking placards must be place inside on the dashboard. Parking placards must be visible for the duration of the event, vehicles with out parking placards will be towed at the owners expense.

Please consider the following before parking your vehicle:

  • SC Village is not liable for any damage that your vehicle may occur during your visit.
  • Your vehicle may get paintball paint on your vehicle
  • SC Village does not have water or electrical hook ups for RVs
  • SC Village does not have a waist dumping location for Rvs


For hotel accommodations, contact Hampton Inn Norco-Corona-Eastvale:


SC Village Paintball & Airsoft Park 8900 McCarty Road, Corona, CA 92880 | Conveniently located approx. 30 min from the heart of Orange County.